Discography includes the recordings of

- Teddy Phillips Orchestra

- Teddy Phillips and Colleen Lovett

   and their Mexicali Brass

- The Lovett Sisters

- Colleen Lovett


Teddy Phillips

~ . ~  T h a n k f u l  ~ . ~

Colleen Phillips Lovett

Chicago's big band, the Teddy Phillips Orchestra, provided the swing sound that moved the masses at the Aragon, Trianon and Willowbrook Ballrooms in the 1940s and 1950s. Read more...


Mexicali Brass

Teddy Phillips Orchestra

Colleen Phillips Lovett dazzles fans with her versatile voice, which enables her to sing a beautiful ballad one minute, and the next, belt out a rhythm tune. The talented singer would round up her performance by dancing, playing the guitar, banjo and the trumpet.